Accessiors for Cash Cassettes

Versatility for your POS

Whether it's faster cashier and billing processes, the secure closing of cash drawers in the back office or an uncomplicated and space-saving cassette handling system: With our additional accessories for your cash register systems, you benefit from even more advantages for your POS.

Coin Cups

Save time, simplify payment transactions

Weighable coin cups have become indispensable. They simplify the cashing-up process and save valuable time. ANKER Coin cups are made of high-quality ABS plastic and are tailored to your ANKER cash cassette or cash drawer. The coin cups can be used in your existing cassette or drawer and filled as usual coin compartments. You can order the coin cups together with your ANKER cash cassette or drawer. This way, you not only save valuable time and money with cashing-up but also logistics. Our coin cups are compatible with all standard cash scales.


Ensure clarity at the POS

Who has never experienced it? The discussion about which note the customer committed when paying at the checkout. Avoid such situations and support the cashiers and customers. The self-adhesive mountings by ANKER made of high-quality plastic or stainless steel, are a simple, yet effective solution. Attached at any position in or on the cash cassette or cash drawer, the cash that has been handed over can be inserted into the mountings where it is easily visible. The notes are only sorted into the cassette once your customer has received the right change. This completely does away with unpleasant moments or discussions.

Note separator for the SCCplus

More space in the SCCplus

The ANKER Standard Cash Cassette SCC is delivered with a note separator for the note and voucher compartments. But even with this, there is not always sufficient space for notes and vouchers. With the cost-effective, retrofittable ANKER note separator for the note compartment, the SCC is flexible and spacious. The robust note separator, made of metal, is simply inserted into the existing compartment, if required. This makes an additional compartment available to you. The metal design has a long service life, even under heavy use.

Cassette opening station

Security in the entire process chain

The security that is guaranteed with the use of the SCC and ECC continues in the pay-office. The ANKER cassette opening station has been developed for this purpose. The ideal solution, when you use a cash cassette without a lock or do not give keys to the personnel. Completely mechanical, it offers quick and secure opening in the cash office. The cassette is placed onto a base plate, where it is very securely positioned. A mechanical push button opens the cassette. What makes the cassette opening station particularly secure is the fact that the push button is secured with a key. This way, the cassette can only be opened by authorised personnel.

Manual trigger

Fast cassette opening in the back office

The manual trigger by ANKER is a compact solution for opening your cash cassettes mechanically. If you have decided to use an ANKER cash cassette without a lock or not to issue any keys to the personnel, with the manual trigger, you make it possible to quickly and easily open cassettes manually in the pay-office: completely without any further keys or electrical connections. The manual trigger is inserted in the rear cutout of the cassette. It can then be opened manually with a pin. Simple and space-saving for your cash office.

PC Cash Control

Cost-effective alternative to cash register hardware

Cash cassettes or cash drawers are connected to a cash register system or a receipt printer, from which they receive the opening signal. But what do you connect the drawer to, if specific cash register hardware is not available or if you issue your receipts on an A4 printer or want to send the receipt to the customer as a PDF file? In these cases, the tried-and-tested ANKER Cash Control Adapters are used. You can choose between the USB or RS232 interface. The connection cable of the cassette is attached to the adapter which is connected to the USB or RS232 interface of your system.

Mounting frame

Difficult installation conditions resolved quickly

While a new cash desk is already prepared by the manufacturer for the installation of your required cassette, with cash area conversions, it may occur that a desk is not suitable for the installation of a cash cassette due to the lack of an undersurface. This is where ANKER mounting frames can help. Tailor-made to fit your cassette, the frames are inserted in the work surface of the desk and thereby create a sturdy foundation for the assembly of an ANKER cassette base.

The ANKER Universal Cash Drawer mounting brackets fulfil a very similar function. For the mounting under the desk of your cash drawer, they ensure secure positioning and permanent fastening of your drawer.

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