ArcLine Customer Display

Perfect legibility in every position

Our ANKER ArcLine Customer Display impresses with its perfect legibility. This is the case at all times and without any restrictions. The 2 x 20 characters display guarantees excellent legibility, regardless of external influences, such as changing lighting conditions. It is easy to install and can be pivoted and swivelled vertically and horizontally. This allows it to be positioned so that it can be clearly read by your employees and your customers. With its specially developed socket and the use of a stainless steel pipe as a stand base, it is also able to withstand horizontal pressure of up to 30 kg. Even under the highest stress, the robust and reliable technology of ArcLine ensures many years of peformance. It is available as a stand-alone solution or in combination with the ANKER Flexi-Stand.

  • Optimum legibility at all times
  • Longlasting components
  • Individually adaptable to the checkout
  • Easy and quick installation

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