TopLook Customer Display

Timeless design to focus on the essentials

Frameless, simple hardware is celebrating a comeback at the POS. The ANKER TopLook Customer Display combines straight-line, simple design with excellent legibility of texts and numbers. With a brief glance, your customer can quickly grasp the essential information. At the same time, TopLook is extremely robust. Thanks to its optimised socket and high-quality materials, it can easily bear a horizontal pressure of up to 30 kg. TopLook can be pivoted along both the vertical and horizontal axis and adapt perfectly to your checkout. The robust and reliable technology, which is used in TopLook, guarantees excellent performance at all times and a long service life for the hardware. It can be operated with all conventional cash systems and is very easy to install.

  • Prize-winning design for modern POS
  • Excellent legibility of the 2 x 20 characters
  • Adaptable to your POS
  • Easy and quick installation

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